eggymedia offers a wide range of tailor-made business services ranging from the start up phase (e.g. business plans, market analysis and fundraising) to the execution phase (e.g. marketing, advertising & sponsorship sales and programme syndication).

eggymedia offers consultancy services on short term or long term projects. Clients can also opt for an interim or project management approach during times of change or when resources are temporarily low.
Our offering includes writing business plans, providing market and competitor analysis and assisting with fundraising.
We also offer strategic support with identifying target audiences, illustrating strengths and weaknesses, developing effective sales & marketing strategies and action plans and with implementing these.

Sports marketing & events
eggymedia helps companies to utilise sponsorship and events as part of the marketing communications mix in a creative and effective way. We also advise and assist with the acquisition and exploitation process.

Client representation
We provide professional management services to our clients. Services include marketing and endorsement services, financial planning & wealth management, media and interview training and contract negotiations.

Training & coaching
In association with WeSource, eggymedia helps companies maximise their internal resources and increase productivity by improving skills and knowledge through training and coaching.
Subject to the specific requirements this can be achieved by means of tailor made solutions, for example through single day courses or intensive coaching over several weeks.